About Facilities

The laboratories form an integral and integrated part of the curriculum, enabling students to

  • Acquire the ability to apply science and engineering science to the analysis and modeling of engineering problems,
  • Experience first-hand comparisons of theory and experiment, and to understand, explain and communicate that understanding to various audiences,
  • Develop a complex set of communications, group interaction, management and work-oriented skills, and
  • Perform engineering design both as an individual and as a member of a team, addressing problems which include realistic constraints of physical, economic, ecological, political, and social nature.

    The laboratories can be considered the link between the engineering sciences and the design component of the curriculum. Along with design, they constitute the principal vector for the development of communication and work-oriented skills in the curriculum.

    Laboratory Room Phone Faculty Supervisor Technician
    Automotive, Experimentation LL224 212-353-4039 George Delagrammatikas John Consiglio
    Biomedical Engineering 704 212-353-4326 David Wootton Dionne Lutz
    Combustion LL224 212-353-4039 George Sidebotham John Consiglio
    Energy Reclamation and Innovation 702 Robert Dell
    Materials Engineering 706 212-353-4330 Eric Lima George Ortega
    Mechatronics and Controls 709 Melody Baglione
    Forrest Wade Rapid Protoyping 705 Stan Wei George Ortega
    Central Shop LL218 212-353-4261 Sinisa Janjusevic
    ME Design Studio (Student Shop) LL219 (212) 353-4318 Mike Schaff