Stan Wei

Professor and Chair
Ph.D. (ME), Georgia Institute of Technology, 1982
M.S. (ME), State University of New York at Buffalo, 1979
B.S. (ME), National Chung Hsing University, Taiwan, 1974

Contact Information:
(212) 252-4299

Selected Publications:
M. Balicki, R. Forman, P. Walker, C. Wei, B. White, G. Klein,
Novel navigation technique for jig placement in total knee replacement using an instrumented linkage,
Orthopaedic Research Society Transactions Vol. 31, Chicago, IL, March 2006.

P. Walker, C. Wei, R. Forman, M. Balicki,
Total knee surgical technique using an instrumented linkage for MIS approaches,
Exhibit at AAOS Zimmer Technical Suite, Washington DC, February 25-27, 2005.

P. Walker, C. Wei, R. Forman, Chap. 18:
Freehand Navigation for Bone Shaping, Minimally Invasive Total Joint Arthroplasty,
ed. W. Hozack, et al, Springer Medizin Verlag Heidelberg, Germany, 2004.

R.E. Forman, P.S. Walker, C. Wei, K. Iesaka, M. Balicki, D.E. Kim,
An instrumented linkage navigation system for knee replacement surgery,
presented at MIS Meets CAOS, Naples, FL, October 28, 2004.

K. Iesaka, P.S. Walker, R.E. Forman, D.E. Kim, Y.G. Patel, C. Wei, M. Balicki,
Accuracy of freehand cutting in simulated total knee surgery,
presented at CAOS International, Chicago, IL, June 16-19, 2004.

R.E. Forman, P.S. Walker, C. Wei, H. Haider, M. Balicki, G. Aggarwal,
Computer-assisted freehand navigation for TKR,
presented at CAOS International, Chicago, IL, June 16-19, 2004. R.M. Said, P.S. Walker, K. Iesaka, D.E. Kim, C. Wei,
Factors influencing flexion in total knee replacement,
presented at the Orthopaedic Research Society Annual Meeting, San Francisco, CA, March 7-10, 2004.

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C. Wei,
An Undergraduate Product Realization and Prototyping Workcell,
Proceedings of the 1999 ASEE Conference, Charlotte, North Carolina, June 21-23, 1999.