George Sidebotham

Ph.D. (ME,AE), Princeton University, 1988
M.A. (ME,AE), Princeton University, 1984
B.S. (ME), Trinity College, 1982

Contact Information:
(212) 353-4308

Selected Publications:
Microgravity Opposed from Frame Spread in Polyvinyl Chloride Tubes, by George Sidebotham and Sandra Olson (NASA).
Paper presented at the 2006 spring technical meeting of the central states section at the Combustion Institute. Cleveland, OH. May 21-23, 2006.

The Oxygen Index of Surgical Drape Materials by Serrao GW, Micou MK, Sidebotham GW and Wolf GL. Journal of ASTM International, March 15, 2006.

Unique Fire Hazards Associated with Surgery in Space by George Sidebotham.
NASA Scientific and Technical Aerospace Reports Vol. 42, Issue 23, Nov. 19, 2004.

Laser Ignition of Surgical Drape Materials in Air, 50% Oxygen, and 95% Oxygen, by Wolf, G.L., Sidebotham, G.W., Lazard, J.L., and Charchaflieh, J.
Anesthesiology Vol. 100, No.5, p. 1167-71, May 2004.

Surgical Drape Combustion in Air, 50% and 95% Oxygen. Lazard, J.L., Wolf, G.L.Charchaflieh, J. and Sidebotham, G.W.
Poster session presented at the 2001 annual meeting of the American Society of Anesthesiologists.


  • Rapid Beverage Cooling Patent No. 5,505,054. Patent issued April 9, 1996. Co-inventors: Gregory H. Loibl, Irv Brazinsky, George Sidebotham.
  • Rapid Fluid Cooling Device and Method Patent No. 6,662,574. Patent issued December 16, 2003. Co-inventors: Gregory H. Loibl, George Sidebotham
  • Method and Device for Regulating Body Temperature. Patent Pending. Co-Inventors: Yoon Geu Kim, George Sidebotham, Gerald L. Wolf