George Delagrammatikas

Assistant Professor
Ph.D. (ME), University of Michigan, 2001
M.S. (ME), University of Michigan, 1996
B.S. (ME), Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1995

Contact Information:
(212) 353-4293

Recent Awards:

  1. 2010 Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award presented at the SAE World Congress, April 2010 in Detroit, MI.
  2. Excellence in Oral Presentation Award, 2010 SAE World Congress for Advanced Development and Dynamometer Tuning of a Suzuki GSXR 600cc Engine for an FSAEŽ Vehicle co-authored with Mark Baldisserotto, SAE Paper # 2010-01-0310

Selected Publications:
Assanis, D., Delagrammatikas, G.J., Fellini, R., Sasena, M., Papalambros, P., Michelena, N., Filipi, Z., et al.
An Optimization Approach to Hybrid Electric Vehicle Propulsion System Design,
Journal of Mechanics of Structures and Machines, 1999.

Panagiotidis, M., Delagrammatikas, G.J., Assanis, D.
Development and Use of a Regenerative Braking Model for a Parallel Hybrid Electric Vehicle,
SAE Paper # 2000-01-0995 and SAE Journal of Transactions.

Delagrammatikas, G.J., Assanis, D.
The Reverse Engineering of a Turbocharged Diesel Engine through a Unified Systems Approach.
SAE Paper # 2001-01-1244 and SAE Journal of Transactions.

Kim, H.M., Kokkolaras, M., Louca, L.S., Delagrammatikas, G.J., Michelena, N.F., Filipi, Z.S., Papalambros, P.Y., Stein, J.L., and Assanis, D. N.,
Target Cascading in Vehicle Redesign: A Class VI Truck Study,
Intl. J. Vehicle Design, Vol. 29, No. 3, pp. 1-27. 2001.

Delagrammatikas, G.J., and Assanis, D.N.
Optimization of Advanced Diesel Engine Controls for Conventional Vehicles: A Driving Cycle Perspective,
ASME IMECE2002-32087, New Orleans, Louisiana. 2002.

Louca, L. S., Kokkolaras, M., Delagrammatikas, G.J., Michelena, N. F., Filipi, Z. S., Papalambros, P. Y., Assanis, D.N.,
Analytical Target Cascading for the Design of an Advanced Technology Heavy Truck,
ASME IMECE2002-32860, New Orleans, Louisiana. 2002.

Kokkolaras, M., Louca, L. S., Delagrammatikas, G.J., Michelena, N. F., Filipi, Z. S., Papalambros, P. Y., Stein, J.L., Assanis, D.N.,
Simulation-based Optimal Design of Heavy Trucks by Model-based Decomposition: An Extensive Analytical Target Cascading Case Study, International Journal of Heavy Vehicle Systems,
Special Issue on Advanced Vehicle Design and Simulation, submitted December 19, 2003.

Delagrammatikas, G.J., and Assanis, D.N.,
Development of a Neural Network Model of a Conventional Diesel Engine for Use in Vehicle-level Optimization Studies, Proceedings of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers,
Part D: Journal of Automobile Engineering, Volume 218, Number 5 / 2004, Pages: 521 - 533.

M. Kokkolaras, Z. P. Mourelatos, L.S. Louca, Z.S. Filipi, G.J. Delagrammatikas, P.Y. Papalambros, and D.N. Assanis,
Design under Uncertainty and Assessment of Performance Reliability for a Dual-Use Medium Truck with Hydraulic-Hybrid Powertrain and Fuel Cell Auxiliary Power Unit,
submitted for the Society of Automotive Engineers World Congress, Detroit, Michigan, April 11-14, 2005.

Baldisserotto, M., and Delagrammatikas, G. J. Advanced Development and Dynamometer Tuning of a Suzuki GSXR 600cc Engine for an FSAEŽ Vehicle, SAE Paper # 2010-01-0310.

Vaughan, A., and Delagrammatikas, G. J., Variable Runner Length Intake Manifold Design: An Interim Progress Report, SAE Paper # 2010-01-1112.

Robertson, D., and Delagrammatikas, G.J., The Suspension System of the 2009 Cooper Union FSAEŽ Vehicle: A Comprehensive Design Review, SAE Paper # 2010-01-0311. Also appears in 2010 J. of Passenger Cars.

Consiglio, J., and Delagrammatikas, G. J., A Cost-Effective Engine-in-the-Loop Powertrain Testing System, SAE Paper # 2010-01-0192.

Vaughan, A., and Delagrammatikas, G. J., An Onboard Telemetry System for Low-Level Electrical Signals, SAE Paper # 2010-01-0191.

Coleman, C., Wang, G., Park, L., Anrather, J., Delagrammatikas, G., Chan, J., Zhou, J., Iadecola, C., and Pickel, V. Chronic intermittent hypoxia induces NMDA receptor-dependent plasticity and suppresses nitric oxide signaling in the mouse hypothalamic paraventricular nucleus. J. Neuroscience, September 8, 2010, 30(36):12103–12112

Fedullo, Timothy, and Delagrammatikas, George, J., The Traction Control System of the 2011 Cooper Union Formula SAE Vehicle, SAE Paper No. 2011-01-1108.

Vaughan, Adam, and Delagrammatikas, George, J., A High-Performance, Continuously Variable Engine Intake Manifold, SAE Paper No. 2011-01-0420.