Mechanical Engineering:
Mechanical engineering is an ideal foundation for careers in the aerospace industry, ocean engineering, marine engineering, biomedical engineering, the automobile industry, the power and utilities industries and virtually any area of activity that requires analytic abilities combined with a strong background in design practice.

Program Objectives:

Our graduates will:

  • Apply their broad and rigorous education to responsible, interdisciplinary problem solving.
  • Communicate clearly and effectively in their chosen professions.
  • Continue to learn and educate themselves in their fields of pursuit.

    Undergraduate Program:
    The sequence of courses shown in the undergraduate curriculum table emphasizes the fundamental engineering sciences in a computer environment and professional design practice. By the selection of electives and of their design and research projects, students have a large degree of flexibility in exploring their own interests.

    Graduate Program:
    Major areas of concentration are in Computer-Aided engineering and Design, Robotics, Combustion, Aerodynamics, Mechanics of Materials, Systems and other interdisciplinary areas of engineering.